Experienced Dominant Master looking for curious young slavegirl
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Experienced Dominant Master looking for curious young slavegirl

An experienced, very strict, kinky and demanding Master, looking for a young, obedient, loyal and dedicated girl into complete submission, pain, humiliation, degradation, and abuse. I will make you realize how worthless you are. I am into a lot of kinks and fetishes including hard ass spanking, slapping, abusing you and making you cry, biting, hard pussy fucking, toilet slave activities, bdsm, bondage, humiliation, body writing and much more.

My ideal slave:
A young girl who wants to be taken care of, loved and protected and who would love to serve me, accept me as her Master and shall be devoted to me. She will have no limits and must be active. She will be transparent, and must be responsive and love me an worship me. Consider yourself worthless and submit everything to me. She must preferably be a masochist and must have high affinity for pain and submission. Newbies and inexperienced girls are encouraged to apply, I prefer to train and mold as per my desires.

If you are interested, message me on Kik starting your message with “Sir, I am interested”

Kik: masterforslavegirl


Kik: masterforslavegirl

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Kik: masterforslavegirl

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