Experienced Sadistic Master Seeking a Young Girl to Own, Use, Train & Mold As My Personal Slave
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Experienced Sadistic Master Seeking a Young Girl to Own, Use, Train & Mold As My Personal Slave

I'm A Sadist At :heart: (Pleasurable Pain)

About Me:

I’m a pretty big nerd, I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy. My Ideal date would probably be curled up in bed with my little slave them a bottle and watch Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Or some other dorky movie. Its not a deal breaker if you have different interests but I do prefer someone who likes fantasy. I like to read and write, I like Playing video games. Love astronomy. I’m trying to get into wood working and I am a craft beer enthusiast. I work as a product designer. I’m saving to buy a Van and renovate it to travel the country. So yeah, thats me in a nutshell.

A Little About My Vanilla Life:

I Love Working Out (Lifting Weights, Jogging, Biking, Boxing, Soccer, Football, Track)!! Shopping, Cooking, Staying In Shape, Outdoors, Hiking, Camping, Movies, Eating, Cruising, Fooling Around, Hanging Out With Friends, Rainy/Cold/Windy Weather With A Bit Of Sunshine...Sometimes I'm Not Much Of A Party Guy I'm More Of A Family Guy, I'm Addicted To The Color Red, I Have To Have Something With The Color Red, I Love Classic Cars, I Own A 65 Mustang, I Love Michael Jackson (My Favorite Singer Of All Time)

A Little About My Kink Life:

10 Years Experience In Being A Sadistic, Controlling, Possessive Master. I Got Very Into It Out Of High School And Has Since Been A Big Part Of Me, I Don't Feel Complete Without A Slave.

My Ideal Slave:

A FEMALE Someone Fun, Caring, Attractive (As In Personality & Physically) Kinky, Open Minded, Attentive, Loving, Understanding, Obedient, Loyal, Overall Fun To Be With. Age Is Of No Preference! I'd Take Anybody That I Can Mesh With Completely Than In Just 1 Thing. She Must Also Love Anal As Much Or Even More Than I Do.

Type Of Relationship I'm Looking For:

Im Seeking A Female, Someone Who Genuinely Wants To Have A Relationship Online With Me Via Kik/Skype. That Being Said I'd Love Someone Who Pays Attention, Does What She's Told And I's Always Up For Anything, Now Our Relationship Online I Know We Won't Always Be Available 24/7 Because Of Work, Family, Life In General So I'm Understanding Of That But I'll Damn Make Sure You Feel Like You're Owned When We Aren't Talking .

General Requirements I Need From My Slave:

Being My Personal 3 Holed Fuck Toy
Pictures Of Tasks/Punishments Given
Videos Of Tasks/Punishments Given
Open Minded

How I Am As A Dom/Master:

I Am A Strong Dominant, Assertive, Possessive, Strict, Demanding, Controlling, Disciplined, Caring, Fun, Visual, Sadistic Master. I'm Very Confident In Everything I Tell You, Tasks/Punishments, Anything. I'm Strict/Detailed When It Comes To What I Want My 3 Holed Whore To Do, I Want Everything To Be Followed To The Last Detail And On Time Or Consequences Will Be Involved Depending On How Bad You Messed Up. I'm Disciplined, I Will Want To Get To Know You, Know How Your Schedule Is So We Can Fit Us I Know We Have Priorities Outside Of This. I'll Have Certain Things Done From You, If You're Not Disciplined I Will Teach You To Be 1 For Me. Im Controlling, I Love Control, I Love Being In Charge Of Things That Makes My Slut Feel Owned In Her Daily Life Either When We're Chatting Or Not Like Panties, Grooming Of My Pussy, Orgasms, Toys/Items To Use, When, Where And How Much She Can Play With My Holes.*I Have An Extremely High Sex Drive.....Try To Keep Up

Kinks I'm Into: Anal (Giving/My Addiction) Control (Clothing, Grooming, Holes, Orgasms Etc.) Choking (Giving), Biting (Giving/Receiving) Teasing (Mental/Physical), Orgasm Denial (Giving) Creampies (Giving) Humiliation (Giving) Bondage (Giving) Blindfolds (Giving), Bodywriting (Giving) Pleasureable Pain(Giving), Degradation (Giving) Insertions(Giving) Panties (Giving) Household Items(Giving), Temperature Play(Giving), Pussy Torture(Giving), Nipple Torture(Giving), Spit Play (Giving) Pet Play (Receiving) Asshole Worship (Giving/Receiving), Public Play (Giving/Receiving) Hidden Public Play(Giving/Receiving), Ass Worship (Giving), Body Worship (Giving/Receiving) Wedgies(Givingl, Enemas(Giving), Exhibition(Giving/Receiving)

When You Message Me:

If You're Interested In Me, Get To Know Me, Talk To Me, I Wanna Know What You Want:

Let Me Know What Interested You In Me.
Why You Would Be A Good Slave For Me.
I'm Looking Forward To Talking To You!

Kik Me: DaddySirJay

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