extreme female nylon/bondage/footslave
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extreme female nylon/bondage/footslave

About me:

Let me introduce myself first. I am a 41 year old Artist from germany. I think i am one of the Most extreme bondagemasters you can get ur hands on. My Bondages are Made with tape, zipties, braces, collars,chains, cuffs, and even fiberglas bandages, normally used for leg and armcasts. Forget the Bondages you know, i go much further. The goal of my work is a bondage where it is absolut impossible to move anything. U are lucky when i dont thigh your toes, because I want to See them moving and wiggle. My Art of bondage has the goal to create a helpless human sculpture...used as a fucktoy and nylonslave whenever i have the desire. My goal is to tigh you up as much and as long you can. You will be Trained for this experience.

What can you expect?

Let me tell you how a normal Day looks like.
1. Wake up
2. Shower and beautytime for you
3. Small breakfast
4. We go to my work in my privat atelier
5. I need 30-45 minutes to tigh you up in the Most extreme and possible ways. Inescapeable secure. Proven!
5. I work in my atelier, watching and controlling you all the time.
6. If i want i use you as a fucktoy (bondage is sometimes opend to use you)
7. You are tight and secured again, unable to move.
8. Lunchtime, you are ungagged and I feed you
9. Gagged and secured again.
10. Probably used again.
11. When i quit my work, you are untied. You have to wear only Small foodchaines in the house.
12. Food and Drinks. Stretching, shower, Beauty time and sometimes a little extra free time if you have served well.
13. Thighing you up in the living room.extremly tighjt you lay AT my feet...used when needed.
14. Bedtime. You are bound and secured in bed, but thats a softbondage, so you can Rest and have a Good sleep.

Note: when you are not tight up, you are Trained to serve as a nylonslave with Good behavior. The goal is total control and that you serve as needed. Pain is used on the Spot if you Make a mistake, to teach you a lesson. I am not a sadist and get off when i use technics to inflict Pain. It is just a Tool. My desires are extreme Bondages and a nylonslave.

Are you interested? What to do?

1. Send me private message and introduce yourself. The more the better. I will not reply when i get one sentence.

2. Real check via Skype After you sent me a photo.

3. I will not sent any money,pay a flight, Or support you in which ever Form. Please do not beg.

4. After writing, skype and telephone, we will See where the way goes.

5. If we have sympathy for eachother i begin to control you online, via skype, mobile, and whatever is possible. Thats a start.

6. If everything is going well, may be you come to germany and live the life of an extreme nylon/bondageslave in germany.

7. You can use the kik messenger for contact also:

Kik username: smchr

Hope to hear from you little nylonslave!

Best wishes.


Bondage and more

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Bondage and more

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