Piggy wanting to be tortured and blackmailed
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Piggy wanting to be tortured and blackmailed

Want strict master to show how a real fat piggy/cow should be treated
Looking for a master to abuse and blackmail it
Mainly looking for a master to degrade it, humiliate it, expose it and blackmail it.
Hello masters/ Sirs.
I'm fuckpigslave, I'm 19 years old and I'm a female. I'm from Manchester in the U.K. And I'm an inexperienced slave I'm seeking a strict master, one that will and can totally control me but take into consideration that I don't show face. I seek to becoming more obedient and more experienced on a whole. You should accept me as I'm open to everything and anything. Anything new I'm willing to try to please my master. I like just about anything I dislike nothing that I know of yet.
What I'm looking for in a master:
•Who can take total control
•Degrade and humiliate piggy/hucow
•Do whatever he wants and piggy/hucow will please him.

Piggy/hucow accepts:
•Cunt abuse
•Tit torture
•Anal abuse
•Water sports
•Toilet play
•Bodily writing
•Humiliation/ Blackmail
•practicing how to produce milk
•Total control (tell if contract has to be signed)
•And much more as long as it pleases master.
If interested please write a message to fspmails and write down your rules and first task.



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Re: Piggy wanting to be tortured and blackmailed

Are you still looking for a pervert and sadistic Master?

I'm intrested !!!

Let me know

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