Sadistic Dominant Daddy Looking for Young Slave Girl
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Sadistic Dominant Daddy Looking for Young Slave Girl

Age: 32
Little Age: 18-25
Name: Jay
Role: Daddy Dom
Location: USA
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Looking for: Little/Sub
What you’re looking for in a partner: A little who likes to be controlled, protected, trained, owned and nurtured. I’m the type who goes above and beyond to take care of you, Lots of my rules are about self care and helping you be the best you, you can be. I’m looking for someone who likes to be controlled by daddy, who likes talking a lot. Reading to you, watch a movie, Playing a game together, Just something to make the distance feel a bit lesser. I love petite, alt, goth, [filtered word] kind of a look a lot. I’m looking for someone who really lives for dd/lg because for me its a way of life and I need someone who feels the same way. I’m quite kinky and a bit of a sadist as well so ideally my little would have a bit of a masochist side. Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out, I am flexible and I like new and inexperienced.

About me: I’m into everything underground and indie, I do not like mainstream. I love listening to sludge, doom & death metal, alt rock, indie electronic. I read a lot of Murakami and Fantasy. My Ideal date would probably be curled up in bed with my little feeding them a bottle and watch Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Or some other dorky movie. Its not a deal breaker if you have different interests but I do prefer someone who likes fantasy. I like to read and write, If you’re my little you can expect some poorly written cute poems. Love astronomy. I’m trying to get into wood working and I am a craft beer enthusiast. I work as a product designer. I’m saving to buy a Van and renovate it to travel the country. So yeah, thats me in a nutshell. And yes, I am very strict, and controlling.

How to contact me: Kik // SadistDaddie

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