Sadistic Master Seeking An ANAL LOVING FEMALE SLAVE
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Sadistic Master Seeking An ANAL LOVING FEMALE SLAVE

Hiya! Im Edward, 25 From California. Sadistic Master Seeking An Anal Loving FEMALE Slut. I'm Spanish, I Can Speak Both English And Spanish. I Have Long Curly Hair, Big Brown Eyes, Tanned Skin And An Athletic Body.*

My Kink Life:
I Am An Experienced Dominant, Been In The Lifestyle For 7 Years, Both In Real Life And Online. I Would Consider Myself A Master With Daddy Dom Tendencies (I Do Love Aftercare) I Am A Strong Dominant, Assertive, Strict, Demanding, Commanding, Controlling, Disciplined, Caring, Fun, Visual, Clingy (In A Good Way) & Sadistic. I Love To Guide, Nurture And Mentor.

My Ideal Slave:
A FEMALE Lol Someone Fun, Caring, Attractive (As In Personality & Physically) Kinky, Open Minded, Attentive, Loving, Understanding, Obedient, Loyal, Overall Fun To Be With. Age Is Of No Preference Although Be Legal! I'd Take Anybody That I Can Mesh With Completely Than In Just 1 Thing. She Must Love Anal Tho!!!

Type Of Relationship I'm Looking For:
I'm Mainly Looking For Something Online Messaging Via KIK. I Know We Won't Always Be Available 24/7 Because Of Work, Family, Life In General So I'm Understanding Of That But I'll Damn Make Sure You Feel Like You're Owned When We Aren't Talking.

Kinks I'm Into:*
Anal (Giving/My Addiction) Control (Clothing, Grooming, Holes, Orgasms Etc.) Teasing (Mental/Physical), Orgasm Denial, Creampies, Humiliation, Bondage, Blindfolds, Online Play, Bodywriting, Pleasureable Pain, Degradation(Giving), Insertions, Panties, Household Items, Temperature Play, Pussy Torture, Nipple Torture, Spit Play, Pet Play, Asshole Worship (Giving), Public Play, Hidden Public Play, Ass Worship (Giving), Body Worship (Giving/Receiving) Wedgies, Enemas(Giving) Exhibition(Giving/Receiving)

Requirements For My Slave Are:
- Obedient
- Committed
- Attentive
- Funny
- Loyal
- Pictures Of Tasks/Punishments Given (Face Optional)
- Videos Of Tasks/Punishments Given(Face Optional)
- Kinky

If Youre Interested*KIK*ME@Edward8892

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