slave to own, real 24/7/365.
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slave to own, real 24/7/365.
I am slut, whore, bitch. I'm looking for a owner (no matter about Age, gender, race...)who wants to have complete and extreme control over every single aspect of my life.

I am seriously looking for someone who will not care about me or like me or accept anything about me no matter what. I need someone who wants to destroy my identity, erasing any humanity, personality and realize with me a perfectly trained, quite no limits slave that I should be.

Is out there anyone who wants to have control over everything? Even the most little things? I am looking for someone who will humiliate, degrade, torture, defile, dehumanize, objectify, examine me etc. I am a painslut. I want to be taken to any and all extremes. There is nothing that I do not want handle, I can handle anything and everything except snuff and mutilations .. and....continue to live as a male.
I have to be treated like I am, a stupid dumb, an idiot, a moron, a retard, like a little girl who knows nothing whatsoever at all. I have no limits whatsoever at all. ....

Only one thing is mandatory to get me, and this is to have as one target my extreme fetish feminization. I don't ask for any rights to choose how I have to looks at the end, and even if the owner will choose to objectify me feminizing as an extreme fetish doll will be the best.

If this sounds interesting for you please contact me as soon as possible, there is not time to waste. Thank You.

Submissively and respectfully

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Joined: 07/03/2005
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