Female Nettle Torture
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Crazy I want to encourage the sharing of experiences of torturing and being tortured by stinging nettles. I am interested in hearing from subs and doms, descriptions and media. THere is very little on the net, lets do it ourselves!

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Lovely Nettle Play Site Found

You all need to check out the site www.queensnake.com she does some lovely self-torture with nettles, she tortures others and plenty is done to her. Check it out.

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Wooden pony and Nettles

Using nettles and a wooden pony together make an excellent method of torture or punishment. The slave is made to straddle the pony with a large bunch of nettles under her cunt and ass which also hang down the sides of the pony ensuring her inner thighs do not escape the torment of the nettles. With her ankles tied back and her full weight on the pony and nettles under her, she will soon start to squirm and the more she squirms the more the nettles will do their work. As she tries to adjust her position on the pony the nettles will reach as yet untouched flesh.

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Hurry up and grow

I planted nettles from seeds and they've sprouted. But they've done nothing since then! Just wee little seedlings. Gah, they need to grow! We've been stretching my nipples out for just this purpose: to give the nettles something more to grab on to. Hurry my wee nettles, hurry!

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Dynamic Nettle Applicator

I really enjoy the reaction of the slave to nettles. Particularly those moments just before being stung, the expectation of it all. I have in order to help myself enjoy it more invented a machine I have called DNA. Dynamic Nettle Applicator,
It consists of a box channel with a two by one inch hole, just large enough to allow pussy lips to drop into. The subjects legs are tied together, clamping the channel in place. I must admit I do not often tie legs together.

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