Female submissives for blackmail
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Admittedly this idea came to me after seeing a similar group pop up, and realizing what kind of market there was for this. My experience with blackmail is limited but I am looking to expand this. Being intelligent, naturally sadistic and creative, the possibilities are limitless. Be forewarned, this is for real blackmail. Not for the faint of heart. If interested, message me.

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blackmail via online

I am looking for a submissive/slave that wants to be blackmailed.

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Looking for an online slave who is serious,

I am looking for a serious girl who wants to know what it means to submit long distance. I am experienced in this type of domination and have had success. Collaring is not immediate, consideration must be given before she becomes my property. Once she has been collared she should expect to surrender fully to my whims. Pictures, video, and perhaps voice coupled with im as well as email will be the medium used to control you on all levels. Clothing restrictions, orgasm control, and humiliation are just a few of my favorite tools.

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