Forced lactation, Suction and Elongating Nipple play
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Starting the journey to induce lactation, need a suckling partner

Just started my first day of induced lactation training, started on fenugreek and manual stimulation as often as I can when work doesn't get in the way. Looking for a suckling partner or a Master/Dom who wants to help along the journey.

Will be investing in a double breast electrical pump to assist.


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Hucow nipples extending

Hello groupmates please do ignore my older post I was speaking from a wet cunt. I am not looking for a master but I'd love if anyone would give me advice on sore growing nipples. (I'm not a bred hucow by the way)

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Ive been pumping to Lactate

I tried for three months consistently to pump, take herbs, and massage breasts to get them to lactate but was unsuccessful. I then put a post on one of these websites to see if someone would suckle me. Maybe someone that was nearby that could do every other day maybe, while i continued to pump to see if that could help.

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I need a master ASAP

Ałl you have to do is bring equipment and pick me up let me know. I live in Knoxville

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i have a deam become a hucow

i just discovery this play
and i have much trouble in me
i want a soft training of hucow milking
i need to be increase my tits
and i am so happy if i am pumping more time by day
i am old fat and not nice

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Would love to find a Master to turn my wife into a Hucow and me into a slave for 24/7 servitude

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Seeking a busty sub for lactation

Seeking ladies that want their udders worked on to lactate, learn the bliss of feeling full of milk for your Dom.

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what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way to achieve this goal??

I want very much to enlarge my nipples as much as possible. At the same time...forcing lactation, that constant feeling of engorgment and dripping, leaking everytime you bend over, wet spots in the front of your do I get that back now that the [filtered word] are grown and gone....any suggestions??

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