what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way to achieve this goal??
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I want very much to enlarge my nipples as much as possible. At the same time...forcing lactation, that constant feeling of engorgment and dripping, leaking everytime you bend over, wet spots in the front of your shirt....how do I get that back now that the [filtered word] are grown and gone....any suggestions??

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...


Any damage done to the breast can reduce the amount of milk produced. Especially, if the damage is bad enough to do damage to the milk ducts and glands. Too severe of damage and the results could be irreversible. Bruising on the breasts is the result of damage done to the breasts.

In other words: Bruises themselves most likely will have no effect on lactation. However, the damage that lead to the bruising can have a negative effect on lactation now and possibly in the future.

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...

Thank you Sir, this is extremly helpful and thorough. T

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...

Hi Ashely, There are many website devoted to relactation. For instance one is called the Land of Milk and Honey, http://www.landmilkhoney.com/lactation2.htm , has literotica and some defined protocols to follow to assist with lactation. Second there is a site called http://www.breastfeedingwithoutbirthing.com/the-basics-of-inducing-lacta... . If you google induced lactation for anr or something similiar a lot of sites will come up. Browse them and see what makes sense for you to follow. I am trying to make milk too, so if you want to contact me we can do it together. Hugs, T

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...

i got very nice result by realy sucking each nipple ; for 15 min ; 3 times a day

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...


I've used fennugreek, which is alright, but I didn't see much difference using it.

As for being sore, they can throb all day without being brushed or touched. Bruising and binding are not recommended on what I've read from people who do this as an adult nursing relationship, without being involved in any D/s or BDSM type of relationship.

I personally find light spanking of just the nipples to be very helpful in keeping them sore and tingling...but I like that, so everyone is different.

Hope that helps.

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...

Do you use any herbal stimulants? I've read those are very helpful.

I have a question for you, Ashley4fun, when your nipples are sore, do they throb all day or do you only notice them if something brushes past or otherwise touches them?

And a question on subject to anyone in the know:
Do bruises on the breasts have any effect on lactation now or later on in the future?


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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...

I have another set of questions, when using just the massage technique how many times a day works best? I'm doing three or four times a day, and tugging nipples as much as possible, which has made them nice and sore, but not much else. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone tried a ten's unit? I've seen where that is recommended too. I would be interested in knowing if someone found that helpful.

Another question is...is spanking of nipples helpful? is it a question of learning punishment for not producing or is that just a reinforcing idea, and not much help.
I really like the sore ache of my nipples, I do find that helpful in focusing me to the task, but not sure if its making things harder to do.

Final question, sorry to be so dense here...is it better to restrict orgasms during this time while trying to bring in milk, or it doesn't matter?

Thanks for any help or idea's

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...


(from the previous website)
If you want to increase your supply quickly, consider renting a hospital-grade breast pump for a few days, unless you have a good quality double pump at home. The best way to increase your supply is to double pump for 5-10 minutes after you nurse your baby, or a least 8 times in 24 hours. Try to set the pump on maximum unless your nipples are very sore. Most pumps work better on the higher suction settings. Minimum is kind of like the baby sucking in his sleep toward the end of the feeding, and maximum is more like the vigorous sucking he does for the first few minutes of the feeding. If you live in the Winston-Salem area, call me and I can provide you with a hospital grade pump for a few days while you are building your supply. For all other areas, call Medela at 1-800-TELL-YOU to find a rental outlet in your area.
There are certain food supplements as well as prescription medications that may increase your milk supply. Before using any of these, it is important to rule out other problems such as illness in mother or baby. Many herbal supplements have been used for many years to increase milk production, with the most popular being Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and Red Raspberry. Brewers Yeast (containing B vitamins) is another commonly recommended treatment for low milk supply. I usually recommend that mothers try Fenugreek capsules (2-3 capsules taken 3 times daily) along with Blessed Thistle tablets (same dosage). You many want to add Brewers Yeast tablets (3 tablets taken with meals, 3 times per day) and Red Raspberry tea or capsules several times each day. I know that seems like a lot of capsules to take, but if you don't want to take them all, the Fenugreek seems to be the most effective. Fenugreek is rated GRAS (generally regarded as safe), but when taken in large doses may cause lowered blood sugar, so should be used with caution by diabetics. It is in the same family with peanuts and chickpeas, and may cause an allergic reaction in moms who are allergic to them. It may cause a maple syrup odor in urine and sweat. For the majority of mothers, it causes no problems, and can be very effective. It has not been known to cause any problems for the babies of the mothers who take it. Check out this site for more information on supply boosters: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/3490/herbal-rem.html, or contact Mechell Turner, IBCLC & herbalist at www.birthandbreastfeeding.com or directly email at mrturner@vnet.net.

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Re: what is the quickest, most efficient and sustainable way ...

Smile try breast pumps & playing with them reguraly

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