I am a slave and i want found someone to i give pleasure ~ read all
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First things for you se (can be bad) :
I want found some one to i give pleasure
I'am a slave trans girl
I live on Brazil

Ok, if things ^ are ok to you i wana tell more
I saw in many posts people wanting to a cumdumps, girls to use wen he want, to use with friends, use with a milkmachine etc, i love things like that ^^
I really want some dom, but he needs:
treat me like an object,
do what you want without fear or fear;
And dispost to [filtered word]-me if he need
I want be 24/7 to serve my master every were, but, if he canot, i understand.

I can make I can perform many fetishes, but some I do not like, and I could not do, like
[filtered word], so much pain and other (tellme what you want and i can response you if i can do your not)

And, sorry of the bad english
If you liked talk with me ^^ if you live on the same city of me (thats very unlikely) you have a chance to get a reall free cumdump to you.
If not, we can talk to ^^

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Master Seeking

Hello all. I am a very dominant man. I am seeking a no-limit slave girl. You can contact me here or at jdeguire71@gmail.com. I live in the USA, but will chat with any interested slave. Perhaps one day you can join me and be my property 24/7.

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I see on this site

And i can see on site, is a little hard to find true slaves here, are more masters than slaves. If i can help some master to find a true slave i wana be happy ^^

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