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I would like to introduce myself. I am a 26 year old male dominant looking for find a female or females for online humiliation and control.

I like to believe myself to be a smart, inventive and personal master who uses a range of methods to try and dominate the submissive. I am from the Morocco and work to GMT but am not concerned as to where you are from.Ive been a Master for several years now and I am looking for a new FEMALE slave to train, control, and serve me. Age does not matter . I'm a strict master yet can be relaxed. I want to be able to fulfill your desires of a master and work with your limits and likes.
Your limits can be discussed and I can work with them .

If you are new to being a slave or want to try it and see how it is I can train you and let you experience the pleasures of being submissive.My methods include, humiliating tasks, daily rule , control, masturbation control, humiliating and degrading tasks, personalized punishments and many many others.
My likes : I like so much but I'll keep my list short here: Anal, Teasing, Orgasm Denial, Humiliation, Bondage, squirting, Blindfolds, Body-writing, Insertions, public Wedgies, tit bondage, edging, nipple and pussy torture, nipple and cunt play, edging...ETC . I honestly like everything besides blood, bodily harm, [filtered word], friends and family stuff, [filtered word].

Picture are of course a vital part of this interaction but I wish to stress I will not be simply asking for photos of your genitals over and over.

Of course failure to complete task/request will result in punishment.
Compliance will inevitably bring reward.

Of course, I have different rules that must be respected and used as a platform to a future relationship, after we got to know each others.I do realize you can't be available 24/7 we all have lives. I think you will find i am the master you have been searching for. i want to fulfill your desires as a master.

General Requirements:
Willing to serve
Can keep a conversation
Pictures Of Tasks/Punishments Given (Face Optional)
Videos Of Tasks/Punishments Given are optional you don't have to send videos(Face Optional)

message the answers on kik.

1. What is you're name?:
2. What is you're age?:
3. What is you're gender?:
4. Where are you from?:
5. What is you're lifestyle orientation?(sub, slave, pet, other):
6. What sort of Master are you seeking?:
7. What do you seek to gain from becoming mine?:
8. Why should I accept you as a sub/slave ect.?:
9. Do you own a camera of any kind?:
10. Do you have any issue's using the device?:
11. What messengers do you use?:
12. What are you're likes, dislikes, curiosity's and limits?:
13. Toys (if any):
14. Breast size:

I am happy to take on both people new to the subculture and those more experienced in the submissive role.

I thank you for your time,

If interested let me know. kik : staybac_

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