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Still looking hopefully this time is the charm!

So a bit about me, I'm 21, British (with the accent, that for reasons which escape me, is widely adored) living in the UK. Im a fairly experianced Master. Im a student full time so no job to take me away from training a devoted slave. I have also finished university for the summer so I'm all yours. Also somewhat of a night owl so timezone differences are not an issue to me.

So my kinks are as follows:
• Humilation
• Degredation
• Pain (causing)
• Body writing
• Control (i.e. full power exchange being the end goal).
These are just my main ones and not an extensive list. If you don't see one you enjoy please tell me, as chances are im into it.

I don't have any dislikes so what ever yours are I'd say are mine. I'm very respectful in this manner. I also like to work on a dislikes, soft limits, hard limits scales. This meaning, I'll never make you do hard limits, soft limits things you will do but that require a little more caution when doing, these are things your rather scared of but will try if the conditions are correct. Hard limits are things you'll never do under any circumstances. And dislikes are things you'll do but actively dislike or don't enjoy, these things are usually used for punishments.

So as for what my should ideally. No younger than 18 obviously. No older than 30 (I'm open to older but it doesn't usually work, but hey we don't know until we try). Ideally someone my age but not a deal breaker. All body types welcome. All countries are welcome as well as timezones. However special consideration may be made to slaves from the UK.

The type of slave im actively seeking should be dedicated to me and her training. She should be comfortable in the sending of pictures and videos, as im a very visual person. She should also he comfortable perfoming via Skype, and talking on the phone. The last two are end goals and not something I'd expect immediately. Also not a deal breaker but my dream slave would be comfortable sending and showing face pics. In short my dream slave is a type of exhibitionist (if this isn't you, don't feel like you can't contact me).

I ask that all perspective slaves have, at the bare minimum, a kik account. If you do have one awesome, read on for the next steps. If you don't, please make one its not hard and won't take long. I also enjoy using whatsapp and am more than willing to use it but please use kik to initially contact me.

So if you've read all this and are liking what you've read then please kik message me with the following at SlaveTrainingService :
Experiance (if any, none is fine as i love training new slaves)
Toys (if any)
Favorite movie (so i know you've read the whole ad.

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