Masochist required for sadist to use on line
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This group is about sadists using masochists on line

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Here I am

Masochist female. Love tits torture, spanking and whipping... but not only.

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Hello Group

This cow does not have breasts or nipples. They are now udders and teats. This cow has been going through some very strenuous tasks by Sadistic Caveman. And it enjoys every one of them. They involve teat, udder and clit torture. As well as eating its chow on the floor. Cow will “moo” for anyone.

Please feel free to comment any way you wish, or send suggestions

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New to the Group

I am new here....joined today. Want to reach out and say “Hello” to you all.

So do I “oink” or “moo” in here? Wink

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