The Ranch...For Dom Bulls and couples into the more extreme Cuckold lifestyle.
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For the attainment, introduction, collaboration, use, lending, sharing and renting of cuckold couples. Members of this group can discuss and share information to help those involved or interested in creating, maintaining, and enhancing their cuckold relationships and desires. Geared more-so for those with more extreme desires those just getting their toes wet or interest level peaked are welcomed. Nothing involving adults is too extreme in this group. Straight or Bi Bulls, Doms, and Masters are encouraged to participate in providing knowledge, tips, and techniques. Couples are encouraged to register with approximate location for Bulls, Doms, and Masters to shop. Couples are to leave stats of both husband and wife, experience level, and fantasies. Whenever feasible those in the same proximity are encouraged to meet monthly for group play. Doms, Bulls, Masters...please rate the couples you have come in contact with from 1 to 5 and reasons why, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

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preying scheme

do I (we) fit your preying scheme? 46. y.o. german, academic in good shape, non-smoking, no [filtered word]. Switch husband, top to me, sub to other, willing to relocate...

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Still looking for others input.

I have solicited for other input while hoping this group could expand, learn, teach, suggest experiences, tactics and also make connections. It has been quite quiet here. I have spent more time at FetLife and I have the same username there. I currently have a sub, a cuckold couple and planning an event near my area for the summer months. Feel free to look me up over there. I still comeback to check the group here but I am not receiving the level of participation I had wished for. Join me here or at FetLife if interested in meeting or exchanging thoughts.

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I had hoped members would contribute to this group. Tonight I am using my cuck couple. This time I am thinking of tying her to a chair with a dildo inserted while I take his mouth and ass at least to start off the activities. It would be great to here some suggestions on what I should do with these two. I am also considering fisting her maybe shooting my seed in between their kiss to share.
I hope all had a great holiday as you prepare for the next one. Again, I am looking for those in my approximate area for face time as well as help I need planning te coming summer event.
Be Well!!!

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Special activities to work off the Thanksgiving Day meal

Thanksgiving night I plant to tie her husband and gag and blindfold him while tying him to a chair. My thoughts are to use all of her holes roughly. I am planning to allow him to hear her moans then have my buddy ungag and throat fuck him. I would love to hear tips on fisting if anyone is in to it. I would love to fist both of their assholes while I have them on all four in front of me. What are your holiday plans?

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Looking for another couple located between San Francisco and Sacramento

I currently use a white cuckold couple for my pleasure who are in their mid 30s. I usually end a session by lining them next to each other on all 4 on their marital bed taking turns ass fucking each of them. Currently I am looking for another couple to also piss on during these types of activities. Personality and attitude is more important to me than overall looks. I do not play with people who use hard drugs...meth, crack, heroin, etc...420 is ok. Age is not important either...your desire to please IS!!!

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