Seeking female slaves ready to obey and pleasure with rewards
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I am a young (20 and a bit) Master/Dom looking for female slaves. They have to be obedient. If you don't want to use your body or want to remain naive and pure, I don't need you. I have ~1 year of experience when I was around 18, had problems with location and college, but I'm back on track. I enjoy MILFs, amateurs, females enslaved to me dominating their husbands and boyfriends, sisters, girls ready to mark themselves for me. I do not cause or enjoy bodily harm such as blooding, brusing like you just got hit by a tank or dehydratation/starvation and the such.

To contact me:

Kik: rzr747, skype: and for whatsapp, you need to talk to me privately...if you're a trans and looking good, come talk and I'll think.

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