Seeking sadist to punish and torture wife.
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Looking to have my wife tortured for cheating. Will be looking to bring a sadist/sadist couple or group in to torture her while I watch. She so easy gave her body to be fucked, so I see no reason why I shouldn't give her body to a sadist to torture it for cheating. This is to be a very extreme and brutal torture with no limits and no mercy. The torture will have to be done here as traveling is to hard cause of family and has made plans in the past fall apart to easily. Her whole body is to be relentlessly tortured. Of course I want the heaviest and brutal tortures to be done to her tits, cunt, ass and asshole. I also want to take it further and have her cervix and rectum tortured. I want this to be the worst nightmare that she will ever experience. If you are interested message me on Google hangouts

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