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I am into Anal,bondage,blindfolds,chains,contact,collars,crying,dildos,discipine,domination,enemas,exhibitionism,fisting,gags,gangbangs,handcuffs,masturbation,masks,hanging,leather,me,dical,oral,pain,pissing in my ass,piercings,sensory deprivation,shaving,vibartors,voyeurism,wax,whipping.
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Mature Michigan Master seek real time slave

Mature Master (63, 5'7", stocky, mustache with glasses) seeking a Female (or crossdresser) slave. Ideal would be a weekend arrangement but would consider 24/7 with the right individual. I live in Westland, MI which is just west of Detroit. I will consider all ages, races, kinks and handicaps. Let us talk about it. I can be reached at

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Looking for a Ga live in slave if interested contact Master BO

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Recruiting Obedient Quiet Submissive Slave for Strict Discipline Creative kinky sex in Toronto Canada. Must have, and develope High pain Tolerance.

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Male Dom looking for a female sub/slave in or around the Essex area. After living in Asia for some time i have recently returned to the UK and after getting settled i would now like to find a sub to grow with so that two minds become one. This will hopefully lead to a 24/7 relationship.

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I am seeking slim, young sub/slut/slave for personal training and use/abuse. Limits would be respected. You will be expected to relocate to uk. Come back to me for detailed chat and more information. Master K.

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i also want to have sex/fuck master who can teach me fun and give me big orgasm with anything
i ever [filtered word]d with 3 guys when i was 13 and i was a sex crage girl from that

that fucking guy who [filtered word] me gave me first orgasm and make me fucking crage girl who looking for more bigger orgasm
tell me
teach me
about everthing of fucking and biggest orgasm..

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looking for maso- SEX SLAVE

I´m a sadist living in the south of Germany looking for a real (not online)female SEX SLAVE. Short- or longtime.
6slave - that doesnot mean TPE for me, but TEE- "Total Erotic Exchange".
In normal live, you are equal to me. But I have the total control about any of your sexual activities. When I like, you will be forced to chastity or loand to other masters to be fucked or humilitated. The way I treat you may course pain, but your pain is my fun. Your tears will make me happy. It is not neccesary that you are very submissiv because I like to force you to obey. I like the game to break your resistance.
The precondition for such a relationship is a god feeling and that we like each other.

(sorry about my german-English)

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Experienced Master looking for a slave 25-50 in the Long Island NY area for Domination,Bondage, Discipline and housework...she will love serving me.

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hi im a 24 years old master from romania

Looking for a long term slave who will serve me for 24/7 and is wiling to relocate her self to me.


18-30(maybe 35 the most)years old
at least 1.60cm tall
betwen at least 50kg and 80kg the most

experience its not necessarily but it is an advantage

more info and contact on or directly on yahoo:masterjohn87

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I'm a SINGLE VERY experianced Black Dom/Master in No.N.Jersey; 6'5", 170lbs.,10" looking for a slim/skinny utterly nasty female slave for a (hopefully) long-term/poss. live-in D/s relationship. ANY age, but my frst preference is for a Black, Latina or ethnic girl, HOWEVER I'm very open! Years of experiance, lots of vanilla AND fetish skills. I don't care about your background, but you MUST be willing to serve a VERY imaginative and twisted Black Master!!

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I am looking for a total (domestc & sex) slave in Connecticut...

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If you're a natural female, late 40's or older, and want to be a sex and domestic service slave, and cam relocate to the NW, contact me - we'll have a lot to talk about.

Master Adak

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subwillow.... welcome.  Thank you for joining in the discussion.  What you describe as your desire (i.e. wanting to be a sex slave) is delightful and beautiful.  To say you've had these feelings most of your life is profound--what a most beautiful way to give yourself, while devoted to the complete pleasure of another.  I certainly encourage you to keep your vision warm, cozy and alive in your heart---it can become dynamic and real.  With the right opportunity(Drunk you can take advantage of them and fully appreciate not only who you are inside, but let it come out fully as your most beautiful expression of yourself and your dreams.

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I have always wanted to be a sex slave, wanted to be owned and prostituted out, I have had these feelings most of my life, my husband has started using me as his sex toy and calls me a dirty whore,but i would love to be forced to have sex with strangers/his mates /work colligues etc..would never happen though i am his and his alone..

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their nothing better, than being used as a sex slave, i get crazy hot by thatr idea

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