Slave market
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Recently I have tried to find a new Owner for my slave and found no adequate group here. A Place where eyerybody is going to look for slaves that are set for trading, swapping or rental. Owners may offer their slaves here, slaves and Masters may present themselves here.

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Unowned slave

Hi there, I am unowned would like to be trained.

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Seeking Master for rough training


I am seeking a Master for long term training. If I find the right Master I am willing to relocate.

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New and just wanted to say hello

Hello, I'm new to the site and a little lost.
Just wanted to say hello to everyone

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Looking for a local slave to play with

Hello I am a young guy in the Orlando area looking for a woman to give spankings to. Hit me up if interested!

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seeking slaves to own

Seeking slaves to own. Any masters with slaves for sale or any interested slaves, please reply by either commenting on this, my ad, or pm me. Again, only interested parties need apply of course. Thank you, and have a good day.

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Female Slaves of a Virtual Master

Hi Slaves,

I have a program for your computer which can be your new virtual master. The program will send me reports of your slave activities.

Therefore I can control whether you are a good slave.



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Slave on auction for loan

You'll find hereunder a "slavery contract" draft to be renewed at your whims and sent to me by mail, whenever you'd like to loan my property for delimited amount of time.

This draft display my general lines to set up the loan.

So, have your way, take your time and let me know your news if any. Further details will be listed only by mail on request as well as I receive your draft version

Be well, my Fellows!


Sect. 1 – Object:
The slave

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Mature SE Michigan Master seek real time slave

Mature Master (63, 5'7", stocky, mustache with glasses) seeking a Female (or crossdresser) slave. Ideal would be a weekend arrangement but would consider 24/7 with the right individual. I live in Westland, MI which is just west of Detroit. I will consider all ages, races, kinks and handicaps. Let us talk about it.

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Older Dom seeking online slave

Greetings A/all. New to the group and SF. Not new to the scene. i'm and older Dom male here in Omaha, NE. looking for an online slave for now, or perhaps something local. feel free to message me.

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Experienced Master seeking 24/7 slave in Indiana

I'm looking for a serious slave/submissive. Start things out here and possibly relocate.

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Slave needed in ogden ut will help relocate. 24/7

Slave needed in ogden ut will help relocate. 24/7
Looking for under 27
forced masterbation
cock worship
rough sex
so on

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NY area master seeking...

New to the site.
I'm an experienced master, in search of additional poly-fi slaves, who wish to serve as instructed...

Inquire within...

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Skype female slave wanted

Female slave needed to perform on Skype and fulfill orders. I won't show up on cam.

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female slave wanted in wales

i am searching for a female slave willing to relocate to be with me in west wales.

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Female slave needed in North Carolina home

Female slave required for service in North Carolina home, A poly Leather family seeks service both in the home and sexual duties to any and all, but most importantly to Master. MUST be D,D & S free, serious about her slavery and able to relocate. May contact me directly for details and what the general ideals and terms of service will be

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Female salve for use in Ohio

Looking for a feemale slave to do housework and other work assigned and to be used sexually any time of day or night. Must re-locate to residence me now

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Female slave for use in NW

Female slave required for service in NW. Services to include household and sexual duties, as others as may be assigned. MUST be D,D & S free, serious about her slavery and able to relocate. May contact directly for extensive details - Adak @

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Female slave for use in NW

Female slave required for service in NW. Services to include household and sexual duties, as others as may be assigned. MUST be D,D & S free, serious about her slavery and able to relocate. May contact directly for extensive details - Adak @

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exchange of experience

i´m looking for a real slave - not just a sexslave or a pain slut.
I´m looking for LTR, 24/7...and i want tzo know abou how to get it?
Is there somebody who wants to give me exchange of experience?

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New Master seeking experienced slave

I'm looking for a slave that isn't afraid to get chilled. Location doesn't really matter as long as she has some method of getting cold, though I would prefer if she lived in a snowy area. I am pretty new to this, so some experience in being a slave is a must. Tasks may be limited depending on the slave's frailty. Limitations include having her thermostat set as low as it can go, skimpy clothes in winter 24/7, and stuff like that. Punishments will be secret until needed. Advice from other masters will also be appreciated.

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Re: Slave market

Unowned; new; submissive looking for a Dom please. Thank you.

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Re: Slave market

Looking to relocate my female slave in a long term rental. It is in good health and is well trained in all areas of service. If interested contact me on fetlife @mutiger21.

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Re: Slave market

Young master looking for Slave in Stockholm, Sweden. Relocation help provided

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Re: Slave market

if really serious about gud quality fun tch back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am a male prostitute -- a gigolo --a sexslave , for mistresses, ladys, gals, nymphos nd lesbians , a pure proffesional will travel any whr in world if deal is gud, ill make u mad at bed by licking your asshole nd pussy nd lot more what pleases u my mistress, only high class well educated women contact, me v v highly educated so secrecy nd discretion v v imp ,,,,,,,,,, quality fun commited , meet place only5/7strs, home flat or private farms , tch at

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Re: Slave market

Sadistic Man seeking slave girl, fit and healthy, in the south of Sweden.

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Re: Slave needed in southern Connecticut...

Good looking Dom master here seeking a sub female for ongoing bondage/BDSM sessions.

What sets me apart from all the other ads here?

I understand that giving up control to some stranger, while very hot, is not generally very safe, and certainly doesn't feel so. While I want to keep this casual and discreet, I am totally OK with meeting you in public first, getting to know you, allowing you to get comfortable with me before play. I am very down to earth and charismatic, I will put you at ease quickly, guaranteed.

I am a young, good looking male, not some kind of creepster. I have a hectic work schedule and let's face it- it is not the easiest thing in the world to find people with these proclivities- you certainly can't just go pick someone up at the corner pub. So I am here for the convenience of finding exactly what I want and you should be too.

I am talented at bondage, orgasm play, sensation play, and will give you an experience so intense you'll remember it as if it were a dream. I also have experience in spanking, verbal control, mild humiliation, sexual servitude etc. I am also very understanding and compassionate Dom who is very respectful of limits and one who makes sure you are OK at all times.
Send a pic, stats in first e-mail, with subject "Your sub" and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Re: Slave market

This is a dream I have hat for 7 years so I am willing to relocate for the right Master

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Re: Slave market

Still seeking a slave. 30 years of age or under, fit, healthy and willing to relocate.

All you girls, feel free to message me for further details.

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swedish girl looking for a master

I am looking for a master in Stockholm area:

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Re: Slave market

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Male Slave In Toronto Looking for Owner- age 24

Hello, i am new to this site but it seems really interesting. my name is Ryan and i have just recently become involved in the slavery scene. i have always been very shy and submissive , but not until the past few years have i really tried anything kinky.

i am looking for a mistress/owner in the toronto area. i am age 24, with a medium build and pretty good looking and i have already been a slave for a mistress for half a year, so i have some experience.

if you think you may want to chat or meet up for a cup of coffee and see where things go. feel free to email me at

i look forward to serving you soon Smile

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Re: Slave market

We are looking for our little princess-slave in Orlando.. We have a room for you if you desire... I am a firm yet gentle master.. We will explain more when you respond

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Re: Slave market

I am Master Harte,
I seek a slave girl for a poly household in bloomfield IN,
This girl will be owned and collared by me and no other, When I go to work, she will follow me and learn from me to assist me in my business. She will take on responsibilities as she shows she can handle it. She will sleep in my house and eat my food and serve me well. She will be obediant at all times and she will be punished when needed fairly. She will learn to run a business and become an alpha slave. This is what I seek. Intrested message me.
Master Harte

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Re: Slave market

Are you still searching for your submissive?

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Re: Slave market

I would like to be rented as slave...more than just sex/sub/bitch..real service for 24 hours or more.

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Broodmare and bodyguard wanted

My intention is to Acquire for myself and my husband a sex toy and a breeder who will work to keep my home clean, in return for food, shelter and fetish play including anal, oral, 24/7s&m, must be obediant or sever punishments will be in order. Woman will be shaved and will relocate according to masters wished and will comply without question or suffer acute punishments. Slave will be tattooed/branded and will be my property, leased to my husband. Birth control will be forbidden, I will name the offspring, they will be my [filtered word]. You will be thier nanny you will brestfeed. you will attend social gatherings as my cousin, and see to the [filtered word]s needs. inside you will ware what you are given, and will follow our house rules to the dot. expect much sex of all kinds.

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Submissive Slave Wanted That Travels To TorontoOn Vacation

Attractive Strict Mature Dominant Kinky Master recruiting a Travelling Obedient Submissive Slave On a casual Part time basis For discreet Bondage and Kinky sex In Motel In Toronto Ontario Canada (Unowned Slave willing to apply!,Or willing To rent Owned Slave!! from Other Master.Interested Parties Contact in Strict confidence to arrange details. Silverfox5510 Master Thomas

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Re: Submissive Slave Wanted That Travels To TorontoOn Vacation

I have family in the Toronto area... If looking for part time submissive for play still let me know...

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Looking for an online slave

I need a slave that gets cold very easily and will not question any of my orders.

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Re: Slave market

870-625-812 is seeking a Master who follows the Gorean tenets and way of living. All though i am not trained to have earned the title kajira, i do possess some real life experience as a No.3 in a Gorean based household.

Being a female slave to a Gorean Master is not for everyone, the reality of day-to-day serving is not a life in silk and sex, this i am fully aware of. seeking a Gorean Masters ownership is not undertaken lightly, i seek lifetime servitude knowing my Master will regard me as property, valuable perhaps, though property none the less.

Being a B.D.S.M slave girl is not for me, this too i have learnt though experience. Please note i am not a city creature.

Should You seek further information please PM this girl. Genuine enquiries only please.

I wish you well.


MasterJohn's picture

Re: Slave market

Where are you located slave?
I am in the northeast of the USA
Get back to me

wicked06's picture

Re: Slave market

im a white swedish girl, looking for someone Dominant.
please contact me so we can talk.

Captivator.Colt's picture

Re: Slave market

I am more than dominant. If you want to become a real slave then let me know and we will discuss it. I will also leave word in your profile messages.

~Master Colt Hautamaki~

ChefMagnum88's picture

Re: Slave market

I am interested... Message me slave.

MasterJohn's picture

Re: Slave market

Ok slave lets talk. I am a master seeking a 24/7 slave. I live in the northeast of the USA.
Get back to me

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Re: Slave market

We are a Couple (She 47/He 48, dom.-sad. with any experience ), living in Vienna (Austria) and needed a slave-girl for TPE. You served us as a 24/7/365 slave and you are always ready to keep the rules and regulations.

ggsubmits's picture

Re: Slave market

limited experience as sub/slave...would like to be trained/used on per diem basis.

panther69's picture

Re: Slave market

would like a slave in pittsburgh pa for humiliation. contact me at

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Re: Slave market

I have a slut with ICQ 212821249. Feel free to humiliate/use her (on-line only). She'll do what you say or she'll pay the price (to me:))

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Re: Slave market

I am looking for a female slave in the UK. Preferably below the age of 30, slim and in good health. Everything else can be discussed. Please feel free to inbox me for more.

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Re: Slave market

Looking for live in slave Boy 18-26 only Twink or boy next door type, in-shape, athletic, clean and ready to serve. You will be trained to be my pet, slave, urinal, anything I need you will be it. No limits on my end, I will respect your all the time breaking them and you down into nothing at all. Contact me for more details

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Re: Slave market

Looking for a slave girl in North Texas

CaptionPirate's picture

Re: Slave market

I live on an island off the cpast of Honduras. There are many woman here but I am seeking a woman that wants and needs to belong to a man. Not his wife, girlfriend, but a woman that is his. I know that I'm not perfect but my word is her command.I will care and take care of her. She in turn will serve me completely. If any are interested, contact me. She must like the water, boats, beaches, sun and the outdoors.Willing and able to relocate after a period of time.

fireicecrystal64's picture

Re: Slave market

I am new to slave market and am needing a master either online or prefferably in mn since I am still in school email or message me on yahoo.

firsttimeslave's picture

Re: Slave market

looking for master to serve asap

Sluttywifewithdommale's picture

Re: Slave market

Where r u located slave

painmaster243's picture

Re: Slave market

Greetings I am an experienced Master with 23 years in the lifestyle.. I am an old guard Master that takes living the lifestyle seriously.. I am strict controlling and sadistic..would like to chat with you on yahoo.. screen name is paibmaster243..

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Re: Slave market

Are you taken yet slave? If not message me soon.

SirWayne9000's picture

Re: Slave market

I am looking for a slave if you are still interested in relocation to my house in Florida
Sir Wayne

SirWayne9000's picture

Re: Slave market

I am looking for a slave
Sir Wayne

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Re: Slave market

I am Master LatexHer, a lifestyle DOM, here near Chicago Il. We enjoy many aspects of D/s, including long term enslavements, prolonged sexual torments, chastity, pony and dog girl play, corset training, latex, leather, PVC, mummy, gas masks, and much more. We have a home with built in FunGeon, where we love to keep a willing girl. We only work with women, but will be friends to most!

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Re: Slave market

Piece of Meat 32 is rented out until the end of 2011. Maybe for trade or sale in 2012.

Master of O's picture

Re: Slave market

PoM 32 will not be for trade until end of 2013. It is rented out long term until then.

feelgood's picture

Re: Slave market

i am interested in a second POM for my stable.

So if POM 32 becomes available let me know.

If you have a realistic idea about the price of it let me know.

I am in need of another torture puppy and portable toilet for my household.

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Re: Slave market

Ich würde die Sau gerne erwerben, ist ja perfekt ausgebildet.

roughtoughx's picture

Re: Slave market

Nice object indeed!
Wonder were you live? I may be interrested in renting the Meat 32, but it depends upon where you are located and the rent/day/week/month, thanks for replying via PM

madamdiscipline's picture

Re: Slave market

I live in the Greater toronto area. I am interested in renting for just a day for some play.

Lemme know if u can free the object up for a day for some fun and your contact details so I can get a hold of u


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Re: Slave market

Looking for online slaves

slavelee's picture

Re: Slave market

Hi, Mexerr, i am a slave looking for a Master. my yahoo messanger is leehi_99. please contact me so we can see if i am what you are looking for. Thank you

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