Slave School 2018
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My name is Mark and I am part of a group in RL. I would like to expand my online slave search. Online relationship only! Unless other arrangements are met.

I am a fit, good-looking 30 year old financially established man. I live a normal life in Cali, but I have a dark secret.

Classes will include:
-Obedeince Training
-Submissive Testing
-Bondage Training
-Pet Training
-Toy usage Training
-Proper Wax Usage

We are looking for female subs/slaves. Or Trans/Sissies.

If interested: Please send Age, Body Pic (Clothed or not), Level of experience, and Limits.

If you would like to know more about the school and how to apply, message me at

KIK: Markrae89
Mark Rae (Master)

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Main topic on tattoos

I suggest we discuss most interesting, humiliating and bold slaves' tattoos and body writings.
Which of their infinite multitude are among your favorites?

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Temporary Markings?


Shocked to find no posts here as I thought this would have been a hot topic.

Anyway, in temporary marking I've used dry-erase markers which also come off too easily. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that will last a good 24-36 hours without smudging due to sweat or body contact, yet will still come off when needed for mundane duties?



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