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Hello to all the sluts, slaves, subs and pets of (slavefarm). I hope you are all well and feeling good (and kinky)

First of while new to this site i am no stranger to the world of BDSM and i come here today to search for a loyal and devoted slave.

About me.

I am a second year student at university in the U.K (born and raised) and when im not studying or essay writing I'd like to dedicate my time to the training of a slave. While this may seem like i am only intrested in newbies that isnt true. Im happy to take experianced slaves and retrain them in the manor i wish to be served. Everyone is diffrent so the way i train you will be tailores to your limits etc

My interests outside of BDSM are anything geek so a slave with similar intrests would be awesome but this isnt a deal breaker.

About You.

I am only and i REPEATE ONLY looking for females males pretending to be female or males saying things along the lines of "i can pretend to be a girl im a sissie" will be immediately blocked.
The second most important thing is im a very visual person and as such i enjoy recieving lots of picturesand videos from my slave. If you wont send any we wont click as master and slave so please dont contact me. Face pics are a massive plus however if you are not prepared to send them this isn't a deal breaker. But i may ask for one as proof you are who you say you are.

Interms of what my "type" is i only ask that you are a healthy weight and bodytype. Again not a deal breaker but prefered. I would say im attracted a lot more to blondes and redheads (ginger hair is my fav) also no natual hair like blues and purples are a massive MASSIVE turn on. But as i say any hair colour is fine

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