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Hello again people of SlaveFarm I hope we are all well?

Im seeking a slave for a long term period of ownership (online).

About me:
I'm 21 from the United Kingdom and have close to 3 years as a Dom/Master. Mostly on and off again due to various reasons. Now I'm at University I belive i have the time and patience to dedicate to this. While not employed I am a full time student in my second year of university. This usually means that im free for large parts of the day and most weekends. At times when I have assignments and exams I hope you'd understand that I'd prioritise my studies. I'd call myself a night owl and am up late most nights unless I have an early start the next day. This mean most timezones are compatible. Having said this I'd prefer a time zone close to mine (GMT) or +/- 3 hours of GMT. However I'm sure I can make any time zones work. 

My kinks:

My kinks are varried but here are some of my main ones:
- Humiliation 
- Pain (im a sadist so a masochistic would be fabulous)
- Degredation
If you dont see one of yours listed fear not im propably into it just not listed it for my ease. If you dont recognise one feel free to ask me about it.

So what am I looking for:
A female, ideally within 2 years eaither side of 20. Obviously be 18+. This being said older women are more that welcome. I dont have a "body type" in mind as I think that everyone is beautiful in their own way. 

A bit more about the kind of slave I'm seeking:

Pictures and videos. I'm a very visual and audible person and love seeing and hearing you. Anything from something as clean as a selfie of an outfit I've picked out, or a selfie of you in the type of make up I've chosen for you to wear. To something such as a nude. Both bring me immense pleasure. While I dont expect this from the outset I would expect it in time, but if your happy to send straight away I wont complain.
It also goes without saying any pictures or videos you send will never been seen by A
anyone but me. I will also delete them at anytime you need only ask

My ideal slave is one that wakes thinking "how can i please master today" and one that looks forward to the tasks I set. One that only goes to sleep when she's satisfied with the level of servitude she's provided that day. I like a slave with personality. A slave that can be flirty, sassy and sarcastic is an incredible turn on. This being said they also need to know there place and act accordingly at certain times. A slave that can carry a satisfying and intellectual conversation would also be amazing. 

I ask that you be well spoken and a native English speaker or near fluent in it.

Communication will be in the form of kik WhatsApp or anyother similar form of messaging app. At the minimum i ask you have kik. Its not hard to get and isn't hard to use.

Okay so that was a lot to read and digest so I'll apologise if I seemed to ramble so first, thank you for taking the time to read. If you are still here and even just one of these things intrest you please drop me a pm or message on kik with:
A introduction 
A bit about you
And to make sure i know you've read this your favourite movie.
My kik is DomMaleUK2017

I hope I get the chance to meet some of you wonderful people and look forward to reading some of your pm's and starting a wonderful kinky adventure. Thanks again and have a fab day

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