A sub for use, pain, abuse, torture and humiliation wanted
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Hello all you subs, slaves and sluts of SlaveFarm! my name is Ryan and I'm looking for a new submissive to please and serve me could it be you?


About me.
I'm a 20 year old from the fair old country of England. I've currently just finished my first year at university so can dedicate my time to all you wonder sub, sluts and slaves. I like to consider myself a firm but fair dominant, meaning that punishment will only happen if I believe you have broken a clearly stated rule, not on a whim or fancy. As I have finished university and am on summer break I can dedicate most of my time to training and play.

What I'm looking for.
A sub who is always willing to please her Dom no matter her mood
An eagerness to learn and try new things (with in your own limits of course)
The capacity to grow as a submissive over time
Interms of looks., while I do not discriminate by size I do prefer a healthy sized submissive but as I said all are welcome!

About the role.
Before you read any further please know that this role will require the sending of Nude pics and vids, if this is something you cannot or will not do please do not contact me to become my submissive.
The main thing you should know is that I'm looking for a long term possible permanent submissive so if this is something you are not interested in please do not contact me.
One of my mains turn ons is control. I'm looking for a sub who wishes to give up full control, or partial working into full. This control would be 24/7 (or whatever works if you are in a drastically different time zone such as US or Aus.
I'm looking for control of the following:
- Toilet
- Eating
- Drinking
- Sleeping
- Masturbating
- Cumming
- What you wear

My likes/turn ons.
- Anal
- Humiliation
- Degradation
- Body writing
- As odd as it sounds, videos of you talking or saying things
- Selfie
- Lots more depraved kinky goodness

My dislikes.
Nothing yet! So if your into something I've not mentioned let me k ow chances are I'm into it!

About you.
As mentioned before I'm open to all types of girls/females regardless of size, creed, race and age. However as also mentioned before while size isn't an issue healthy sized girls are preferred.
In terms of geographical location, the internet has made this far easier. While subs in time zones near mine are preferred all are welcome I just ask that you speak English as either a first of second language.

What you need.
An open mind
Kik and or whatsapp
While toys would be awesome it is naive of me to expect it, many house hold objects can be used for pain and or pleasure, plus there's something sexy about perverting an object away from its natural use.

Congratulations if you've read this far that's the kinda commitment I admire! If you've read all of this and think "wow where do I sign up" simply either drop me a message on here or look below for my kik and send me a message on there explaining your from SlaveFarm!

I look forward to hearing from you and to begin your training
Your possible new master Ryan
Kik - MasterGriffin123

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