Submission is in your nature
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You are submissive. To what extent you are submissive, or what it means to be submissive, will vary from person to person, the answers will be different but they all deal with the same core concepts. What matters is that you are submissive and that you need Dominant energy in your life to guide, direct, command and control you, but to also understand you like no one else could because no one else can.

I am offering an in-depth experience of what it means to be a submissive, to be owned property belonging to a Master. You might not be prepared or interested in being with another person physically but still want to explore submission. I shall use you thoroughly through email, iMessage, video, audio, pictures and text nonetheless. Curiosity combined with the scope and safety of a digital playground shall compel you to do what your heart and soul have always desired.

We are simple creatures made of mind, body and soul. To own someone completely one must know their mind, their body and their soul. The tasks you are given show me parts of your mind, body and soul. Over time these parts come together to show the essence of who you are. I shall use this pure embodiment of your essence to understand your needs, wants, desires and wishes in order to free you from those fears which bind your mind from doing what has always come naturally for you; to be free and submissive.

I shall help you. I shall satisfy your soul; making you truly happy for the first time in your life. And I shall do this by offering you my love; pure untainted love. A love that will free your mind, a love that will ignite your body and ravish your soul. I shall refine your purpose in this world.

Your level of commitment reflect how much you will gain from our relationship. The more you give, the more I know. The more I know the more control I have. The more control I have the more you are free to be your true self.

I require someone who is

Intelligent enough to complete all tasks as assigned
Able to speak in a proper manner
Impeccable in their manners and has an exquisite taste for details and elegance
Someone who wishes to learn and has the capacity to do so
Someone who cares about their body and mind and care for them well
Someone who wishes to please and obey
Honest and true in their life.
Age does not matter to me, respect and sense of purpose do

In your first email provide me with the following :

Full Name
How many men have you been with?
How many women have you been with?
A picture of yourself face and body clothed.
Any questions you may have of me.

Right now you are probably hesitant to commit. If that is the case you will be better suited with what I call a superficial master. Superficial masters are those who care about the body and give no care or concern for anything else. They are short sighted, ill experienced and only interested in people who wish to masturbate their egos. Boys with too much time on their hands and not enough sense in their heads. They have their place and they do serve their purpose. But if you seek more; I am here.

It starts with a word; Master. All you have to do is call me Master and promise to always be honest with me. In return for your complete and utter submission, your trust, your devotional love and servitude; you shall revel in the peace and warmth of what it means to be a Slave to a true Master.

Before I end, I wish to leave you with something I read a couple years ago. And this is the quote,

"All woman wish the strength of a man, all woman wish, in some form, to be dominated. Many woman are too proud or independent to believe such is true, however, within the depths of their souls, a fire burns."

Place what will satisfy your soul in the subject when you reply. Contact me if you wish to continue, if you have questions of me, or if you would just like to know me as a person. I am open to making friends, slaves, whatever comes what may. You are not alone in this world and I do not have to be your Master to care for and love you. If you are in need, I am here.

With warmest wishes for your happiness and success always,


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