Trucking Master Looking for a traveling slave
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I've been here for awhile looking for a slave and I figured I would write something more on what I'm looking for. I'm a truck driver and would like to have a slave that would travel with me on the road. Over time, women have found satisfaction in jobs working out of the home, and I'm looking for the one who will know that their only job is to be the slave to their Master. I'm not looking for one either in Wisconsin, or willing to relocate which I would facilitate. I'm not looking outside of the US, but anywhere in the US is fine. I want a slave who's 18-35, no [filtered word], one who is height/weight proportionate, and wants to see the country while truly serving in a 24/7 TPE situation.

I am a Micromanager and a sadist. I'm a cigarette smoker, but I don't smoke 420. If you do, I don't have a problem with it, but I can't have it in the truck with all of the different areas I travel to that have drug sniffing dogs, and I'm not going to run into any drama like that.

I'm willing to email back and forth here, but I would prefer to talk over KIK, Skype, or even over the phone shortly after we see that we're both looking for the same thing. Please just direct message me, and let's see if we click.

I have zero interest in Male partners in any form. Thank you for your understanding.

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