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Slavefarm is a community for maledom/femsub relationships. It's not hard to be a part of our community. Be nice and we will love you. Be an ass and we will kick you from the system.

Listed media submissions will recieve a free VIP membership to the members only section for a limited time, according to the rules listed below. You may only send us your own production. Pictures and stories from the internet are protected by copyright laws, so we we kindly ask you NOT to send us downloaded material or material scanned from other sources. We will only accept original material that has been made privately by yourself. Once your gallery has been listed for a few days, it will be moved to the members-only section. By submitting media to Slavefarm.com, you acknowledge to be the legal owner of the digital rights, and grant Slavefarm.com an unlimited license to use them on this site indefinitely. Do not submit media in exchange for membership and then demand the material to be removed after your membership expires.

  • Only send your own personal material. Copyright violations will be reported.
  • Have permission from all models to participate in this contest.
  • Make sure the images comply with local laws and regulations.
  • Models must be at least 18 year old.
  • At least 1 female must be present in the image. (XX chromosomes)
  • Upload files in JPG (images) or wmv, mpg or rm (video) format. Use a high resolution and send large images (the system will reduce the size as needed).
  • Do not add text to the images.
  • Pictures must depict an interesting BDSM situation.
  • If you don't want millions of people to see your images - then don't send them to us.
  • Five (5) days free access to the members only section per approved image
  • Ten (10) days free access to the members only section per approved video
  • Make sure that you only upload each image ONE time.
  • The images will be moved to the members only section, once they have been shown publicly for some time.
  • We reserve the right to refuse images for any reason.

Slavefarm.com is for entertainment purposes only, so don't be intolerant, stupid or annoying. BDSM is a consensual sexual game between intelligent adults. If you submit underage material, we will do our part to make sure you go to jail. Please visit the Forum if you have any questions. Thank you for keeping it clean ;o)

Slavefarm will NEVER EVER spam you, and we will defend your privacy with all means available.

Paid membership is handled by Internet Payment Service Provider Epoch, and we will never see your your credit card information. Paid memberships can be cancelled anytime by contacting us or Epoch directly.


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