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Looking for online slave via email

need a slave to email with

cheerios_01 1 Join
Cry me a river

Therapy for ladies in distress

Lothar C 4 5 Join
NJ- Need Dominant Men to Fuck my Slave

Need Men to Fuck my Slave - NJ

KenithBrian 2 Join
Looking for online slave girl!

In desperate need of an online slave I can be rough yet rewarding to...

cheerios_01 4 Join
the friendly slave

Every slave needs a friend. This is a place where we can all come together for friendship.

southernsweetness 2 Join
Heathrow slaves

Heathrow slaves meet, private party, local, BBQ, drinks at a bar, social and any other possibilities

dirtysouls 2 Join
Master looking for female slaves in atlanta

Master looking for female slaves

brokenbones93 2 Join
South East Sussex Slaves (UK)

Group for slaves/subs in the South East Sussex area

ElComandante 2 Join

Gdzie kończą się zmysły zaczyna się wyobraźnia.

suczysko i jej ... 3 Join
online master to punish my pregnant uttermeat

pleas I want to punish them for someone I want to go to work with them tied and bound all day long to come home and then have to beat them.

painslutjane 2 Closed
subs/slaves Stalking Doms/Masters

Stalking Dominant Men

Beneath You 4 20 Join
Dairy man looking for a new breeding cow

California dom looking to add a new cow to his dairy

Calidariyman 9 Join
Seeking slavegirl in South Asia

Seeking a slavegirl from the wider region looking to serve a strict Master in Dhaka. Initally online with move to real life live in slavery.

MasterSkopje 2 Join
Alberta Female SEX SLAVES

A Place for ALBERTA "FEMALE SLAVES" to COME and Talk & look for a new Master and/or Daddy

6wolf9 2 15 Join
Seeking young girl slaves looking for a daddy

I'm a 33 year old looking for some young girls to be submissive to me

SlaveMaster66 4 29 Join
Master seeks slave in Phoenix area

Searching for a slave in my area. Women only.

SwiFtPrvrt 1 Join
If you are not looking to be completly enslaved, do not bother reading any further. (slaves only)

I am looking for a girl to enslave indefinitely.

kodidiesel 1 1 Request membership
Female slaves in florida apply here.

I made this group to search for a female slave. I live in Orlando. You can see what I am imto by checking my profile.

looking4some111 1 2 Join
Master seeks additional slave girls to join Poly Family in Central MO

a Home for a true slave who understands that service to a Master is about much more than simply sex.

Master Randy 1 3 Join
Online Sex Slave Desired

Looking for female slave

xDaManx28 1 12 Join
mature subs Australia

place for mature subs/ slaves who like to chat about slavery , bdsm ect.

Anonymous 1 14 Join
Kinky Sailing Adventures - submissives wanted!

Company wanted for escapades in Northern Europe first, the Mediterranean and around the world later

Sugadaddy 1 Request membership
Here to be judged by order of master

A Group to Judge me on EVERY aspect I possess

dareastrid 1 45 Join
Experienced Dom Searching for Married sub. West Central Florida

Dom with a pension for Married submissives

Dave73 8 Join
looking for online submissives

daddy dom looking for slaves

masterblaster50 22 Join
Seeking Master

lonely slave with a lot of potential seeking RT Sir in Tampa area

x_nyx 47 Join

I m honest girl add me up

lizzymark12 1 11 Join


ghost oflife 1 Request membership
in need of slave

female slave

ghost oflife 3 10 Join
Female Sub Seeking Female White Dom

Humiliation, exploitation, bondage.

Sadie187 1 Request membership
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